Error code 2104 could not download the silverlight application

But because we’ ve used this server for many months and because it’ s working for me, I’ m thinking the server is doing the right thing here. Roy Dallal I have been a. net developer for the past 8 years. I hope to share my experience with all of you. View my complete profile. Hi, We used VS to create a silverlight app, and an aspx and html page were being auto generated. The html works fine, but, for unknown reason, the aspx will not run. I also had the same issue on VS. And the reason was that the. xap file was not getting copied to ClientBin directory of the hosting web site project. Reason was the association from the hosting web site project to the silverlight project was missing for some reason. Browse our directory of " Microsoft Silverlight" errors and learn how to fix these Runtime Errors quickly and easily. It doesn' t have to be your code, it could be the compiled files. Have you try to put breakpoints in these App.

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    cs functions: public App( ) private void Application_ Startup These are the first Silverlight functions to run in any Silverlight apps. Disclaimer The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer' s view in any way. The opinions expressed herein are. Message: Could not download the Silverlight application. Check web server settings The Cause: The Silverlight Mime types (. xbap) are not listed in that websites registered mime types, therefore IIS will not send those files to the browser. xap needs to have that mime type, in order to be able to be downloaded. Execute permissions must be Scripts Only. Right- click your Web Site and select Properties from the context menu. The folder ClientBin is missing! Something happened and my upgraded project in my vs does not have ClientBin any more. Here is how I solved the problem: Step 1: Click Add. Let me start by saying that I took over for a software developer working at a company recently. I do not know very much about IIS6 or silverlight but that is what the application I am asked to add to the server is written. The Cause: The Silverlight Mime types (.

    The Solution: Open IIS on the server, go to HTTP headers, click on Mime Types, click " Add New" and add the following:. After adding these entries, I had to click OK a couple of times to get back to IIS Manager and save the change. Then I had to close and re- open my browser because IE likes to cache everything so even a refresh didn’ t download the Silverlight app. Configuring IIS for Silverlight Applications: KBAQ0ZNL: Purpose & Scope: Microsoft® Silverlight TM is a cross- browser, cross- platform plug- in for delivering the next generation of. NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. An additional information: The < asp: Silverlight / > tag isn' t used in Silverlight since Silverlight 3. So you should stick with the object tag. John, This looks more like related to local network security policy at your company that prevents access. Infragistics is a Trusted site. We have used different credentials to access, and are unable to recreate the issue you are experiencing. I doubt that IIS is causing the problem. All IIS does is to serve these file types as static files. Can you request the. xbap files of your application directly, e. with the browser.

    You need a Silverlight application to compile into a xap. to put in a clientbin. The usual approach is to use visual studio to create a Silverlight application. PowerForms Desktop PowerForms Suite. Not sure what to choose? Take a minute to answer seven questions about your labeling requirements and we' ll recommend you a product that fits your environment and budget. Check web server settings. When you’ re hosting Silverlight, you have to tweak your IIS6 or Appache settings to allow the server to know how to handle the extensions that it’ s not familiar with. Hi, I have created a silverlight resource that I am opening from a ribbon button using the html popup. I have created my application and i have uploaded the XAP. Being new to this and largely just experimenting with Silverlight for the first time wasn' t 100% what to do.

    At least it pointed me in the right direction with its " Check web server settings" comment at the end. General Notice: If you find plagiarised ( copied) content on this page, please let us know original source along with your correct email id ( to communicate) for action. XAP file will be automatically copied to the ClientBin folder. You' re such reference added to my project. All rights reserved. Terms of Use| Trademarks. Obviously, you could take advantage of Silverlight Streaming, our free hosting service for up to 10GB of Silverlight content. Alternatively, you can ' cheat' the web server by renaming the XAP file extension to a compatible MIME type. All they have to do to get the download is to go through the " Download File - - Security Warning" dialog. Maybe there is no way around it if all your Website programming is in in the Silverlight app, which runs on the client. Check web server settings Well if you look in the ClientBin folder you will see it is empty so the xap file is not available to be used. So I got this yesterday as I went to do a test deployment to a clone of our production server and couldn' t for the life of me figure out what was wrong. until I remembered getting this months ago when we first started developing this app on VPC. The fix in this case was pretty simple - assuming the.

    This is purely a technical blog that discusses most of the Microsoft technologies such as tsql, sql server, dot net, c#, asp. net and other web technologies. How to fix Silverlight Error # 2104 Could not download the silverlight application. There might be a situation when you receive a message notifying about an error in. Silverlight Application Code 2104 Category Initializeerror Версия в браузере: 4. Ошибку через раз выдает такую. Configuring IIS for Silverlight Applications. 12/ 06/ ; 2 minutes to read Contributors. by Walter Oliver. Microsoft SilverlightTM is a cross- browser, cross- platform plug- in for delivering the next generation of.