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This post deals with the methods to fix this problem. i am using samsung galaxy dous phone and videocon sim. and i have a problum. i am not chek my balance. i dial * 124# for check my balance it shows ussd code running and then a diolog box appears it shows connection problem or invalid mmi code. it does not show my balance. please solve my problum. Re: Connection Problem or Invalid mmi code I tried another sim card and it worked, im from Philippines btw. My problem now is the phone is openline to any network why it only worked in one network provider only. and I need to use my previous sim card. So to solve the Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code issue, let’ s reboot in safe mode. To reboot in safe mode:. Turn off your device; Press and hold the power button to turn on, continue to.

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    Connection invalid code

    forwarding voicemail with * 004* results in " Call forwarding Connection problem or invalid MMI code". If you get the Connection problem or invalid MMI Code message, it’ s a serious issue happens with the phone. First of all, MMI code means Man- Machine- Interface. If you are an Android smartphone user, many times you have come across a message like ' Connection problem or invalid MMI Code' on dailing a USSD code. xda- developers AT& T Samsung Galaxy S8+ AT& T Samsung Galaxy S8+ Questions & Answers USSD code running, connection problem or invalid MMI code by notredave XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Invalid MMI code. tshani Sep 1, 12: 36 AM Hi all, I purchased Verizon LG G3, the international version. I get the message " Connection problem or Invalid MMI Code". 4 Methods to Solve ‘ Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code’ Problem Method 1: Check the Network Settings. For solving this ‘ Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code’ Problem this is the 1st method to fix this Problem. What is Connection problem or invalid MMI code Error? MMI code is the code which we enter in the phone that contains characters between * and #. It is a Man- Machine Interface ( MMI) code which is required to dial a USSD code. End the list of possible solutions to fix Fix connection problem or Invalid MMI code android phone. If you have known other method to fix this error, please share with us.

    If you find above steps helpful, share it with your friends. If you have an Android smartphone, you might see the message “ Connection problem or invalid mmi code” that appears on your phone. This invalid MMI code message can mean that you won’ t be able to send texts or make calls until you fix this problem. At this time ussd code starts running and displays ' Connection problem or invalid MMI code'. MMI code is the code that we enter over the phone which contains * and hash # characters. Re: " Connection problem or invalid MMI code" In response to Matt_ Telstra I' m trying to get my samsung s3 to ring for 30 seconds before going to voicemail. from googling - i have to type in a code starting with * * 61*? code* 30# however, when i try this i get a message saying invalid mmi. can you please advise how i adjust the phone. hello i have samsung galaxy s i9000 i recently uptaded to gingerbread 2. 2 via samfirmware but the same problem that i have it before cant call/ receive calls and when i check my balance it say connexon problem or ihm invalid code, this happens even when i have full signal strength.

    so i have to go to flight mode and then goback to normal to. Facing the ussd card problem. when I enter the code to check or ascertain the balance I receive the reply in Chinese language rather the auto massage appears on screen is in Chinese language. therefore need a help to get out of this problem. the mobile set I am using is Samsung galaxy note 2. Another simple and effective way to fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code on android phone is to add a comma at the end of the Prefix code. For example: If your Prefix code is * 2904* 7#, t hen adding the comma at the end would do just the trick which will look like * 2904* 7#,. The error, when occurs, reflects the following string: “ Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code“. It is annoying, as it doesn’ t let you use the important service utilities offered by your operator, not even a talktime balance check. Invalid MMI code indicates of the weak signal strength or the code which the person has entered didn' t match with the system codes. The invalid MMI code error is a prominent problem which occurs due to a.

    I have Metro Service, so I use the T- Mobile and the Universal code several times and I keep getting the above message. I have suspected my phone is hacked as my ex husband knows way too much of my personal life plus strange downloads, battery drains quick and the Stage Fright Test App thru Google Play Store tells me it is. I am using Moto G5 Plus. I received the same msg. I tried rebooting and then re- selecting my network carrier, but no fix. I changed my network from LTE preferred to 2G preferred, and then MMI codes works fine. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have. Fix connection problem or invalid MMI code error: No doubts smart phones have given us a complete entertainment package within a small gadget. But there is no use smart phone if you are unable to call or text. Google Product Forums > Google Voice Help Forum > Categories: Using Google Voice on a Mobile Device: Google voicemail activation fails on AT& T with: Call forwarding Connection Problem or invalid MMI code. MMI errors, also known as Man- Machine Interface errors, occur when the following happens: The phone doesn' t understand what you are trying to do. What you are trying to do is invalid ( e. inputting the wrong activation codes). Re: Can' t change call forwarding settings, " Connection problem Invalid MMI code" I' ve seen this issue occur when your IMEI number isn' t correct in the billing system. It' s extremely common when you switch between iOS and Android and don' t call in to update your IMEI in the billing system.

    Did anyone unlock AT& T Note II using this method When i tried to dial # #, it gave me the message " Connection problem or invalid MMI code" Did an. Android users sometimes get a message of “ Connection problem or invalid MMI Code” and it is a quite difficult task to deal with. It will make the device unable to send messages and calls until the issue is solved. It displays the message: " Connection problem or invalid MMI code". The Man- Machine Interface ( MMI) code is required to dial a USSD code. Adding a comma at the end of the prefix code is another effective and simple way to fix the Invalid MMI Code problem on your phone. An example If the prefix code you want to use is * 4532* 7#, adding a comma would easily fix the problem and the prefix that you would use would be similar to this * 4532* 7#,. Are you getting the message ' Connection problem or invalid MMI code' whenever you are running the USSD code for checking balance, offers, recharge etc. Then this video will help you to fix the. If you input an incorrect code on your phone for a certain feature ( such as call forwarding, ) you' ll receive an " Invalid MMI Code. " You may also receive an " Invalid MMI Code" message after entering correct if you haven' t subscribed to the service or feature with your carrier. Hi there, I have this annoying problem where basically I am being denied of using # codes, a simple example being # * 06# in the dialer, and then after doing so it says " USSD running" and like 2 seconds later the message " Connection problem or invalid MMI code" appears. Created by: GoogleCodeExporter What steps will reproduce the problem? Dial a provider- specific USSD request code ( e.

    * 777# for balance inquiry on US AT& T GoPhone) 2. Hi, I just got my HTC Wildfire Pay As You Go on O2 this morning. At first I was able to see my credit balance but now every time I check it keeps saying, " Connection problem or invalid MMI Code. Hi Can you confirm that the phone was purchased on the Vodafone Ireland network? If this is the case, could you please private message ( via the link in my signature) over the below info, I can look into this for you? You can still unlock your Samsung Galaxy mini gts5570 by doing a hard reset. Just do the following. Press hold home button and the power button at the same time while your phone is off. See also- 6 ways to fix connection problem or invalid MMI code Method 1 You need to run your Huawei phone into the Safe mode which temporarily disables all the apps.