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The repair again involves cleaning the EGR ports. Toyota Camry/ Corolla: In Toyota Camry with the 2. 2L engine, the code P0401 was often caused by a bad VSV ( Vacuum Switching Valve) for the EGR, located under the intake at the back of the engine. p0401 Exhaust gas recirculation ( EGR) system - insufficient flow detected Hose leak/ blockage, basic setting not carried out ( if applicable), wiring, EGR valve, EGR solenoid, ECM. · Code P0401 Egr Flow insufficient Fixed! ⭐ 1997 Honda Accord P0401. Error code P0401 EGR flow low,. AutoZone Repair Guide for your Driveability And Emission Controls Trouble Codes Diagnostic Trouble Codes. PCM Processor Fault. AutoCodes is the largest database of OBDII Codes Description and Repair Information.

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    Our codes information will help you save money on unnecessary engine, transmission and abs codes repairs. Chrysler PT Cruisers which display the error code P0441 have incurred a evaporative purge flow system malfunction. How do I Troubleshoot a PT Cruiser Code PO441? P0401 Insufficient EGR Flow. 1997 Expedition P0401 code [ color= darkblue]. Honda told me it was error P0401 EGR Flow insufficient. A misfire code or misfire condition can have one of several root causes. for example: bad spark plug wires, a bad fuel injector, low engine compression. how i fixed a p0401 code on my 96 toyota tacoma. A code P1684 shows that the memory has been cleared recently and is not necessarily a problem. More instructions and other code lists. We are linking errors to specific help pages as an ongoing project. My 1997 Ford Explorer SUV has 193K miles. Check engine light indicates P0304 code.

    A garage and the Ford dealer cannot detrmine cause. Cylinder compression OK. Chrysler PT Cruiser;. Exhaust Gas Recirculation. DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE DESCRIPTIONS;. P0401( M) EGR System Failure. A rationality error has been detected in either the tcc solenoid or overdrive solenoid systems. P0141 code definition. O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction ( Bank 1, Sensor 2) What the P0141 code means. P0141 is the OBD- II generic code indicating the Engine Control Module ( ECM) has tested the O2 sensor heater circuit and detects a problem with the bank 1 sensor 2 oxygen sensor heater circuit. P0700 code definition. P0700 is a generic OBD- II code that is indicating a fault within the transmission control system. This code may be seen with shift solenoid codes or other transmission codes. PT cruiser: engine light came. · PT Cruiser - Check engine light is on - code P0401 EGR flow Insufficient.

    Fuel mileage is less than normal. - Answered by a verified Chrysler Mechanic. What does the EGR system do? The function of the EGR system is to reduce oxides of nitrogen ( NOX) in exhaust emissions, reduces cylinder combustion temperatures and helps prevent spark knock. The EGR system allows a predetermind amount of exhaust gas to recirculate and dilute the incoming air/ fuel mixture to reduce peak temperatures during. What is p0340 code in pt cruiser? The problem isa PT Cruiser only has one bank. P0016 Chrysler Description The crankshaft sensor is part of the primary ignition system and functions as the trigger. It detects the position of the crankshaft relays that information on to the Powertrain Control Module or the ignition module ( depending on the vehicle) to control spark timing. · I can' t seem to cure the P0401 code in my 1997 Land Cruiser :.

    P0401( EGR) New parts + $ $. The problem won' t go away. clear code and enjoy driving with no CEL. It could be a bad coul. Or bad o2 sensor. What kind of codes are u getting. If not getting a p0050 or p0155 it' s not o2 sensor. Another cause could be a bad ignition control module. My 1997 RAV4 AWD has begun producing the P0401 code. So far I have changed the vacuum switch, the vacuum valve and the EGR valve. Aside from the freeze frame info, I have been resetting the OBD- II computer repeatedly to see if a pattern could be established. · Ford F150 Forum.

    The site for Ford. Codes P0401 and P0402. 11 posts • Page 1 of 1. 6L 305, 000+ Top. DavidG New Member Posts: 7 Joined: Tue Oct 04. The blower resistor is one of the many obscure parts in your car. If you find that the fan in your car only works on high, you might well have a broken one. In this video you' ll learn how to find, test, and if need be replace the blower resistor in a Dodge van. · and newer Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep computer error codes:. and Jeep Computer Error Codes. P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation. cadillac seville sls obd codes infiniti obd code 1320 pt cruiser obd 0118 code obd ii code p0401 obd 1 code camaro clear How to use a scan tool or code reader to read trouble codes As you can see in this car, there is only one fault code: P0401- Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow.

    Chrysler Code Retrieval Accessing Trouble Codes 96 & later are OBD2 & requires an OBD2 scanner. Code retrieval can be accessed by the ignition key or by a diagnostic readout box( DRB). To obtain the codes using the key method, set the park brake, and put the vehicle in Park/ neutral. what it means when your get a code read of po420 or po430 It is important to remember that if your " Check Engine Light" illuminates and someone just simply reads a code of PO420, 421, 430 or 431 this does not necessarily mean the Catalytic Converter is bad! Chrysler PT Cruiser: P0403 is the code Im pulling from my P0403 is the code Im pulling from my PT cruiser 4cyl 2. 4L we just did put a reman head on it, and have been running it for a few days, resetting the code several times and its the only code that. P0141 Oxygen sensor Chrysler products; P0401 EGR Code Dodge Caravan,. P0442 code Chrysler Vehicles;. 2L Chrysler crankshaft sensor wiring diagram;. · P0401 EGR troubleshooting diagnostic and repair robinsonsauto. 4 Misfire at idle Part 1. How to fix/ diagnose Code P0401. · Definition of error code P0401.

    P0401 - OBD- II Trouble Code. · Possible Causes and Repair Information for P0401 Chrysler code. Learn what does P0401 Chrysler means? P0401 Chrysler Exhaust Gas Recirculation System. You may want to invest in an OBD compatible code reader. They' re inexpensive and some can record sensor readings and save them to a file, making diagnosis easier. This is the code list. Pt Cruiser Error Code P0401. trouble code 22 detail 1997 cadillac seville sls obd codes infiniti obd code. Chrysler PT Cruiser SOURCE: ' 96 LHS P0401 error code. P0141 Oxygen sensor Chrysler products; P0401 EGR Code Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, Town and Country. 2L Chrysler crankshaft sensor wiring diagram. I' ve got a PT Cruiser from and just one key.